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The Emperor


The Emperor is the complement to the Empress. As she is aligned with the sensitive energies and influence of the moon, the Emperor radiates the vitality of the sun. As she empowers others, the Emperor is the direct expression of that power.

The Emperor denotes a time of maturation when your personal power and vigour are at their greatest. Much like Shiva's counterpart Vishnu, the generator, he keeps the wheels of life forever turning and moving forward. He is in complete control of the circumstances of his life and makes decisions decisively and swiftly. He speaks with authority and acts with confidence. He is a successful provider for himself and his family and a protector of his people. He's earned his position of power as he is a man of much experience. It takes many years on the front lines of our battles to finally see the light of truth. When we do, we naturally tap into a higher power.

When you draw the Emperor, know that it’s time to raise the bar and honour your deepest core values. Now is the time to trust in the certainty of what you know is right and what you most want for yourself. It’s time to take charge as all the energies are aligning themselves to support you. The Emperor teaches you how to harness your power, while protecting your sacred beliefs, family, and property. You learn how to release what is weak in order to manifest your dreams and visions. When you draw the Emperor, know that it’s time to go for it

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