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The Lovers

the lovers

The Lovers are under the magical spell of harmonizing energies. For that magic to occur, you have had to encounter an unfamiliar other in whose presence you suddenly feel a sense of completion that you may have never felt before. This other may show up in a form totally foreign to your previous understanding and experience. This is no trifling attraction. You feel energies so strong as to be irresistible that travel far beyond interactions of ordinary gratifications. Has a soulmate just entered your life, someone with whom you feel an unmistakeable intimacy and bonding? Has a new and unexpected life path suddenly revealed itself?

The Lovers speaks of a powerful merging of the male and female principles, of the complementary forces of penetration and receptivity, of light and dark that complete each other and in no way view the other in its unfamiliarity as inferior to its own purpose. In the presence of the energy of The Lovers, we rise to heights formerly unknown, but completely natural. Because the merged energies of The Lovers takes us to levels that are so unfamiliar, we can be frightened instead of elated. Choose elation over fear and be grateful for the opportunity. Or, as the Sufi mystic Rumi once uttered:

may anyone who says

"save me from love"

have his prayers chased from heaven

The energy of The Lovers both reveals and steers us toward a path that resonates deeply with our purpose. It reflects a time of coming together where we walk with authenticity. Untethered and free, the heart needs to roam in order to grow and conquer goals. With shackles of guilt and cages of restrictions, our lives become stagnant, moving nowhere.

When you draw The Lovers, take a look at all your relationships, all your career choices and path options. Look inside at your own inner pushes and pulls in order to realize how to fulfill your needs. You may be feeling ambivalent about a situation in which you find yourself—do you stay or do you move on?—or a significant decision may need to be made in your life. Perhaps your heart is feeling one thing and your head another. Follow your heart and the choices it reveals. Take nothing at face value. Deeply examine your motivations, feelings, and options. The Lovers denotes a time to be selfishly true to yourself, establishing your own genuine beliefs and values and standing steadfastly by them.

In order to access your genuine and honest truth, you have to open your inner doors and let yourself see exactly who you are. Trusting that vision gives you the strength and confidence to overcome all obstacles. Time is of the essence, so take advantage of the opportunity that The Lovers provides, even if it forces you out of your comfort zone.

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