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Yoga Practice

Through uniting breath and bodily movement, the mind becomes

serene and composed. Yoga strengthens and heals the body and

brings the mind to a natural state of equilibrium. Pranayama

introduces controlled breathing preparing body and mind for meditation.


Courtenay offers both public and private classes in hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation as well as a 200 hour Yoga Teachers

Training ($2,000). Through the regular practice of yoga,

the body's dream of happiness can become real.

Courtenay lived much of her younger adult life in India where she attended Benares Hindu University and did extensive studies in yoga and kama sutra. She would study for several months under a teacher and then retreat to the Himalayas exploring the practices intensively often in the company of wandering sadhus. She received her Teachers Training Certification through Sri Bala Krishna Iyer in Benares, India.

For an updated schedule contact Courtenay. Price per drop-in class is $15 or $120 for 10 classes, payable in advance.

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