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Dream Work


Like the individual cards of the tarot deck, our dreams are filled with images and symbols that are a direct reflection of our lives at this very moment in time.


There is no such thing as a random selection of cards from the tarot deck; nor is there such a thing as a dream that does not reflect what’s truly happening for us at the deepest levels of our hearts.


As a young girl, Courtenay realized that she could recall, and even actively enter into, every one of her dreams. During her twenties, this led her to travel to the forests of northern Malaysia and study with the Senoi tribe, a primitive people whose entire culture is organized around the sharing of their dreams. She was adopted as a daughter by the tribe's chief who worked with her extensively during her four month apprenticeship during which she learned how to both interpret and become a full, active participant in her dreams. Courtenay was only the fourth Westerner ever to visit and live with the Senoi.


During a dream work session, Courtenay will have you share your dream and then guide you to enter into it fully as a lived experience so that it can reveal its deeper meaning. Like tarot cards, dreams never lie and are an inexhaustible source of personal wisdom and guidance.

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