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In Person or online Tarot Card Readings


The cards you select from the tarot deck are a direct reflection of your life at this moment. Courtenay has been a tarot counselor for over thirty years. As a young woman, she underwent an intensive nine-month tarot apprenticeship with Sadiqa, an older Roma (Gypsy) woman on the island of Crete.


Since then, she has used the cards to help thousands of people clarify issues in their lives. A tarot reading with Courtenay is more like a counseling session than a fortune telling session and can help bring resolution and understanding to any area in your life that has been confusing or challenging.


“Many people present themselves as talented readers, but I have never met anyone who truly has a gift like Courtenay's. She is the real thing, a fearless channeller of truths that I'm unable to see for myself.”

Will Johnson, author of The Posture of Meditation and Rumi’s Four Essential Practices: Ecstatic Body, Awakened Soul


Contact Courtenay with questions or to book a tarot reading.

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