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Tea Leaf Readings


Embedded in a rich history of European and Gypsy cultures, the study of the pattern of tea leaves left in the bottom or your cup has developed into a sophisticated art form. By looking at the leaf patterns at the bottom of your teacup, a fascinating story unfolds about the ups and downs of the year ahead and what you most need to focus on.


At a very young age, Courtenay realized she could see symbolic patterns in things and know the stories these patterns were pointing to. Fascinated by the taste of tea from all cultures, she naturally began exploring the stories written in the leaves. For Courtenay, tea leaf readings provide another roadmap to the same destination as tarot or dream work. She brings to this practice a foundation of symbol interpretation deepened by her knowledge of the tarot and a truly unusual ability to open your energy and engage your heart.


Tea leaf readings, however, like palmistry or aura readings,

cannot be provided over the phone; for a tea leaf reading

you will need to be physically present. 

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