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The Fool

The Fool is not foolish. S/he's innocent, unabashed, carefree, but never foolish. S/he walks a path free of inhibitions and without preconceptions about how s/he's supposed to behave. S/he trusts in life and has a complete absence of fear. The only people who view The Fool as foolish are people who don't trust in the miraculous nature of life and are paralyzed by the fear that accompanies that lack of trust. As children, we walk out into the world with our receptors wide open, but as people say limiting things to us, and do hurtful things to us, our walls start getting built, and we lose touch with the innate innocence of The Fool. But The Fool is always and ever available to us. When you draw The Fool, remember to open your heart as wide as the sky, start seeing life again through a lens of hope, and trust in the wonderment of life.


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