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The Fortune

Fortune is depicted as the wheel of life we're all riding on, like a surfer riding a wave, and suggests we examine our life to see how we’re faring. There are some amongst us who can't cope and fall off beneath to become buried. And there are others who are barely hanging on with every bit of strength they have. Then there are those who are steady as a tight rope walker without even trying! They float along easily through life's many pitfalls and detours. How are you riding the wheel and wave of your life? What kind of fortune are you attracting? Fortune generally brings a windfall and is an expression of our Karma. The fortune we receive in this moment depends on actions in our past. What we put out, so shall we receive. The wheel of life never stands still. It always keeps moving, and so our ride upon this wheel just keeps on rolling. Life remains in a state of constant change. We move through the world putting out love, peace, happiness, grace, respect, honour, gratitude. We receive the same. We learn quickly to go with the flow here and that resistance to the turning of the wheel only causes unhappiness. Just as the moon won't wait till I'm out of the bath before shining the truth on the jungle below, this wheel doesn't slow down or come to a stop when we trip, miss a step, or fall off. This is a good time to look at what you've just done, what it is you're doing, and where it'll lead in order to set our karmic boomerang on a path we can be proud to walk. As you reflect on a difficulty, remember that fortune is not something acquired or bought. It's a frequency to tap into. Abundance and fortune are vibratory states of wealth, health, and long lasting prosperity that anyone can tune themselves to. A never ending well spring of good fortune and abundance can flow through you at all times if you could just let it. When tuned into this state of openness, one consciously knows that miracles large and small are ever flowing through one's life. Through everyone's life, not just a chosen few. When you draw the card of Fortune, expect the Universe to deliver wishes. Those things long needed or hoped for are here now. Often, fortunate and magical happenings occur. You bask in their glory! Perhaps with a greater understanding of what it takes to keep creating the best life possible through surrendering to life’s ever-changing movement as you ride along its wheel.

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