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The Hierophant V

the hierophant V

The Hierophant is the sage, the teacher, the sadhu. He holds the key to the sacred mysteries and possesses esoteric knowledge of the divine. He is here to teach. His connection with the life force is deep, and it is through the intimacy of this connection that the secrets are revealed. As your spiritual guru, he helps you see and penetrate the deeper meanings and understandings of what is real and true for you.

Perhaps you are at a crossroads of confusion. Trust and follow your inner voice at this time because, when you draw the Hierophant, know that it is your higher self speaking to you. The voice of the Hierophant may come from within, or perhaps a mentor shows up in your life in the form of a teacher, a friend, even someone totally unexpected. While the Hierophant is conventionally referred to as he, this is an instance in which gender is non-specific, and the Hierophant may show him/herself to you as either a she or a he. Maybe you're feeling inspired at this time to take a course or learn something new, or maybe you’re being asked to open your eyes to something you’re in denial about. You can completely trust in the directions the Hierophant reveals and suggests with the certainty that the lessons being pointed to are guided by what is best and most sacred for your unfolding development and growth. The Hierophant is not always a gentle teacher, but you can trust that what’s being taught to you in the moment is exactly what you most need to learn.

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