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An Adjustment

Adjustment VIII

Adjustment indicates a time of reckoning in which we come face to face with our karma. Life always mirrors back to us whatever we’re thinking or doing, and the universal law of karma dictates that every word you speak, every action you take, every feeling you have will affect your future. Think wholesome thoughts, and wholesome actions will follow. Think negative thoughts, and your life can become a torrent of negativity. Today the relationship between your good words and deeds and your negative words and deeds is being brought into the light, as though each were being placed on either side of a scale, and you will either reap the reward or pay the price. The adjustments that need to be made will bring the clarity you require to create better balance in your life. Adjustment is both reckoning and opportunity. You’re being asked to take an honest look at how you’ve been doing, and you're also being given a window of opportunity to make or cement changes in your life. No one can escape his or her karma. Something is either coming to a long-awaited fruition, or you are being called out for falling off your path. Either way, it’s a time to make amends, sometimes with another person, sometimes with yourself. Adjustment reminds us that we always can take control of the karma we want to create in our lives even if it requires constant reflection and awareness to keep our attitudes and actions on the level. Now is the time to take stock and make whatever adjustments to your health, your finances, and your relationships require a new direction to get things back onto a more favourable track. It's time to acknowledge what’s good in your life and altering what isn’t. We all are working to bring ourselves more into the light, and Adjustment gives you the opportunity to acknowledge yourself for your goodness and to repair the corners you may have cut, to forgive yourself and forgive others. What needs to be adjusted in your life?

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