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Tarot Forecast August 3 - 17, 2020

With the least amount of self reflection, we probably all notice how we are faring on this wheel of life. Good fortune comes from the deepest channel within our hearts. Some of us struggle in life to stay on top of everything we believe to be important, while others can't seem to get a grip of anything that nourishes us. Those who lay quiet and still amongst the chaotic turmoil of life's happenings will be the ones most likely to succeed. We can count on the planets moving across the sky untiringly. Day always turns to night and the seasons always change, with or without us. It's a powerful thing when we create a vision of how we want our life to be and remain true and devoted to it no matter what's going on around us. We see, feel, and even taste our triumph, our future. There's a secret to harnessing the positive forces in life in order that we manifest what we want. It's all to do with energy. What we send out to the universal energies comes back in some form or another. These powerful positive energies are boundless. And they begin with a delicate seedling of thought. Our job is then to remain open to our rightful share.

It's time to connect with our deeply committed soul and take care of what matters most: family, our career, our home life. These practical matters alone lend themselves to mindful and persistent work. Progress depends on attention to details, caution and forethought each step of the way. This doesn't mean there are no roller coasters. Yet, you can forever rely on the consistency of the way. You can count on there being no surprises because with practicality it's the same old pattern of regularity. There's much to learn right now on how to manage life on the physical or material plane whether it be finances or the physical presence of our family or home life. It's time to get these things in order. And evaluate the actual doing of such matters, as opposed to just thinking about them. Assess whether the nature of these things are going in the direction that you want. A fresh way of seeing things can help to create a more positive outlook, and some matters of practicality demand a fine tooth combing.

And finally we're heading home. The Chariot's our ride, our vehicle towards our truth, driven by powerful creatures untamed from mystical regions uninhabited by domesticity. They are called "our will.” They determine our choices and control our power. At times ungovernable and unpredictable, our capricious ways slide without our whole being and attention behind them. This is about the struggles we have with ourselves to follow the course in any goal set out. When we are truthful, honest, and resolute in our purpose, then even the greatest difficulties are no longer insuperable! We acquire great skill and proficiency dealing with dark or combative forces within us. We are all cosmic soldiers, learning to wield our power in harmony with ourselves and aligning our true being with the Universe. As warriors, we carry a hidden strength promising our victory. With every battle, after rest, it's necessary to embrace the new flow of energy which ascertains the new direction we're moving in. With the changes in certain distinctive areas of our lives, we are assured a great victory!

If any of you desire to have a more personal explanation of this general reading, please feel free to contact me and set up a session.

Much warmth and gratitude,



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