The Chariot VII

The Chariot depicts a strong warrior in a mighty vehicle triumphantly taming and driving one’s most powerful beast: the will. If you can learn how to steer the will in the direction you most want to move in, you can’t ever be stopped in whatever you set your mind to. The will is a wayward creature, difficult to steer even in pleasant times. The Chariot reflects a time of evolution when you discover how to align your will with your heart’s purpose. In order to succeed in any endeavour in life, you have to commit your entire being to your undertaking, and The Chariot shows us exactly how to figure out a way to do this, no matter what difficulties we are confronted with. When you come face to face with hailstones, you can all too easily be tempted to abandon your goals and redirect your mission, but riding upon the power of The Chariot, you master whatever challenges you may be facing and reach your goal. Through diligence, perseverance, and discipline, you achieve resolution and peace in your world. The powerful arrival of The Chariot is the sign and confirmation of victory. Doubt gets replaced by confident certainty. When the fruit of your life is ripe, you evolve onto new grooves of realities where triumphs are the norm. As important as the victory, so too is your desire to clean out the vestiges and residues of hardship that you still may be carrying, replacing them with a consistent and restful ease, so you can turn your entire attention to your next guided steps that the arrival of The Chariot has revealed to you. When at last you’ve reached your summit, it will be because you’ve cultivated the willpower and self control to endure the many rigours of any conquest.

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